Gertrude's Cat

Gertrude's cat is a quest that you can start by talking to Gertrude who is located in a small cabin west of Varrock, between Barbarian Village and Varrock.

Gertrude's Cat
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to Gertrude, southwest of Varrock
Item RequirementsA bucket of milk, doogle leaves, a raw sardine, and 100 gp

[edit] Finding Gertrude's Cat

To start the quest, speak to Gertrude. She is located in her house which is southwest of Varrock and close by the western bank. She has lost her cat and asks you to look for it; however, you will need some help.

Head to the center of Varrock, and nearby the fur stall you will find Gertrude's children. In exchange for information on the cat, they will ask you for 100 gp. They will then tell you to look in the mill on the northeast side of Varrock.

With a bucket of milk, raw sardine, and doogle leaves go to the mill. If you need doogle leaves, there are some nearby Gertrude's house. Look on the second floor of the mill and you should find Gertrude's cat. When you try to pick it up, it will refuse. In response, feed it a bucket of milk. When you try to pick it up for the second time, it will refuse again. This time, use the doogle leaves on the raw sardine and feed it to the cat. When you try to pick it up for the third time, it will not leave because it is missing its kitten.

Go back down to the first floor of the mill and search in the crates until you find the kitten. Once you have it, use it on the cat and they will leave. Go back and speak to Gertrude.

[edit] Rewards

  • One quest point
  • 1525 Cooking experience
  • A kitten
  • A chocolate cake
  • A bowl of stew
  • You now also have the ability to raise cats.

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