Fletching is a members only skill that allows you to make equipment for the Ranged skill, namely bows, arrows, crossbows and more. Fletching is one of the more simple skills that is easier to gain experience in than other skills and can be done easily at any level. It can be used well with the Woodcutting skill, especially at lower levels.


[edit] Arrows

To make arrows you need:

  • A knife
  • Normal logs
  • Feathers/ red feathers
  • The appropriate arrow heads

[edit] How To Make Arrows

First you take your logs and use a knife with them, select arrow shafts, then use your feathers on the arrow shafts. Now add your arrow heads onto the headless arrows.

[edit] Arrow Making Experience

Note that the experience in this table is making them completely from logs, not buying headless arrows or arrow shafts. Arrow heads can be made using the Smithing skill, except for Dragon, which can be looted from Dragon Implings in the Impetuous Impulses mini-game using Hunter.

Picture Arrow Level Required Heads Required Exp
15 Arrow Shafts Arrow Shaft 1 None 5
15 Bronze Arrows Bronze Arrow 1 15 Bronze 39
15 Iron Arrows Iron Arrow 15 15 Iron 57.5
15 Steel Arrows Steel Arrow 30 15 Steel 95
15 Mithril Arrows Mithril Arrow 45 15 Mithril 132
15 Adamant Arrows Adamant Arrow 60 15 Adamant 169.5
15 Rune Arrows Rune Arrow 75 15 Rune 207.5
15 Dragon Arrows Dragon Arrow 90 15 Dragon 244.5

[edit] Bows

To make bows you need:

  • A knife
  • The appropriate logs
  • Bowstring

If you are wanting to just make unstrung bows you only need the first two and not the bowstring

[edit] How To Make Bows

First you use your knife on your logs, this makes unstrung bows. Then if you want complete bows use your bowstrings on the unstrung bows.

[edit] Bow Making Experience

Unstrung Complete Bow Level Required Logs Required Exp for Fletching Exp for Stringing Total Exp
Short Bow Unstrung Short Bow Short Bow 5 Normal 5 5 10
Long Bow Unstrung Long Bow Long Bow 10 Normal 10 10 20
Oak Short Bow Unstrung Oak Short Bow Oak Short Bow 20 Oak 16.5 16.5 33
Oak Long Bow Unstrung Oak Long Bow Oak Long Bow 25 Oak 25 25 50
Willow Short Bow Unstrung Willow Short Bow Willow Short Bow 35 Willow 33.25 33.25 66.5
Willow Long Bow Unstrung Willow Long Bow Willow Long Bow 40 Willow 41.5 41.5 83
Maple Short Bow Unstrung Maple Short Bow Maple Short Bow 50 Maple 50 50 100
Maple Long Bow Unstrung Maple Long Bow Maple Long Bow 55 Maple 58.25 58.25 116.5
Yew Short Bow Unstrung Yew Short Bow Yew Short Bow 65 Yew 67.5 67.5 135
Yew Long Bow Unstrung Yew Long Bow Yew Long Bow 70 Yew 75 75 150
Magic Short Bow Unstrung Magic Short Bow Magic Short Bow 80 Magic 83.25 83.25 166.5
Magic Long Bow Unstrung Magic Long Bow Magic Long Bow 85 Magic 91.5 91.5 183

[edit] Bolts

To make bolts you need:

  • The appropriate unfinished bolts
  • Feathers or red feathers

If you want them enchanted then you need the appropriate gem and a chisel.

[edit] How To Make Bolts

First get your unfinished bolts, then use your feathers on them, simple. If you want tipped bolts then get the appropriate gem and use a chisel on them. Then use the bolt tips on the bolts. Then if you wish for them to be enchanted use the appropriate crossbow enchantment spell using Magic. It is advised you don't cut cut onyxes as you can get the bolt tips from Tzhaar caves for alot cheaper than an uncut onyx.

[edit] Bolt Making Experience


Picture Bolt Level Required Unfinished Bolt Required Exp Gained
10 Bronze Bolts 10 Bronze Bolts 9 Bronze 5
10 Blurite Bolts 10 Blurite Bolts 24 Blurite 10
10 Iron Bolts 10 Iron Bolts 39 Iron 15
10 Silver Bolts 10 Silver Bolts 43 Silver 25
10 Steel Bolts 10 Steel Bolts 46 Steel 35
10 Mithril Bolts 10 Mithril Bolts 54 Mithril 50
10 Adamant Bolts 10 Adamant Bolts 61 Adamant 70
10 Runite Bolts 10 Runite Bolts 69 Runite 100

Tip Cutting

Picture Tip Level Required Gem Required Tips Per Gem Exp Per Gem
Opal Bolt Tips Opal Bolt Tips 11 Opal 12 1
Jade Bolt Tips Jade Bolt Tips 26 Jade 12 2
Pearl Bolt Tips Pearl Bolt Tips 41 Small Oyster/ Large Oyster 6/ 24 3
Red Topaz Bolt Tips Red Topaz Bolt Tips 48 Red Topaz 12 3
Sapphire Bolt Tips Sapphire Bolt Tips 56 Sapphire 12 4
Emerald Bolt Tips Emerald Bolt Tips 58 Emerald 12 5
Ruby Bolt Tips Ruby Bolt Tips 63 Ruby 12 6
Diamond Bolt Tips Diamond Bolt Tips 65 Diamond 12 7
Dragonstone Bolt Tips Dragonstone Bolt Tips 71 Dragonstone 12 8
Onyx Bolt Tips Onyx Bolt Tips 73 Onyx 12 9

Tipping Bolts

Picture Name Level Required Bolt Required Tip Required Exp Gained (Per Bolt)
Opal Bolts Opal Bolts 11 Bronze Opal 1.6
Jade Bolts Jade Bolts 26 Blurite Jade 2.4
Pearl Bolts Pearl Bolts 41 Iron Pearl 3.2
Red Topaz Bolts Red Topaz Bolts 48 Steel Red Topaz 3.9
Sapphire Bolts Sapphire Bolts 56 Mithril Sapphire 4.7
Emerald Bolts Emerald Bolts 58 Mithril Emerald 5.5
Ruby Bolts Ruby Bolts 63 Adamantite Ruby 6.3
Diamond Bolts Diamond Bolts 65 Adamantite Diamond 7
Dragonstone Bolts Dragonstone Bolts 71 Runite Dragonstone 8.2
Onyx Bolts Onyx Bolts 73 Runite Onyx 9.4

[edit] Crossbows

To make crossbows you need:

  • The appropriate limbs
  • The appropriate stock
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Crossbow string

[edit] How To Make Crossbows

Use a knife on the appropriate logs then select stock, to make a crossbow stock. Next use the appropriate metal limbs on the stock to make an unstrung crossbow. Once you have done this, use some crossbow string on the crossbow. To get crossbow string, spin tree roots at a spinning wheel using the Crafting skill.

[edit] Crossbow Making Experience

Picture Crossbow Level Required Stock Required Limbs Required Stock Exp Limbs Exp String Exp Total Exp
Bronze Crossbow Bronze Crossbow 9 Normal Bronze 6 12 6 24
Blurite Crossbow Blurite Crossbow 24 Oak Blurite 16 32 16 64
Iron Crossbow Iron Crossbow 39 Willow Iron 22 44 22 88
Steel Crossbow Steel Crossbow 46 Teak Steel 27 54 27 108
Mithril Crossbow Mithril Crossbow 54 Maple Mithril 32 64 32 128
Adamantite Crossbow Adamantite Crossbow 61 Mahogany Adamantite 41 82 41 164
Runite Crossbow Runite Crossbow 69 Yew Runite 50 100 50 200

[edit] Darts

To make darts you need:

[edit] How To Make Darts

First you make your dart tips using the Smithing skill, or buy them, then you simply use your feathers on them. Dragon dart tips cannot be made, to obtain them you need to loot Dragon Implings from Impetuous Impulses using the Hunter skill.

[edit] Dart Making Experience

Picture Dart Level Required Exp Gained (Per Dart)
Bronze Dart Bronze Dart 1 1.8
Iron Dart Iron Dart 22 3.8
Steel Dart Steel Dart 37 7.5
Mithril Dart Mithril Dart 52 11.2
Adamant Dart Adamant Dart 67 15
Rune Dart Rune Dart 81 18.8
Dragon Dart Dragon Dart 95 25

[edit] Cape Of Achievement

Once you reach level 99 You can purchase the Fletching Cape of Achievement from Hickton in the Catherby Fletching store for 99k.

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