Fishing Contest

Fishing Contest
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointTalk to either of the two dwarfes that are in the small houses to either the left or right of White Wolf Mountain.
Skill RequirementsThe ability to run past level 44 guard dogs and 10 fishing.
Quest RequirementsNone
Item Requirements5 coins, garlic, a fishing rod (not a fly fishing rod) and a spade.
Skill RecommendationsNone
Quest RecommendationsStarted the Fairy Tale Part 2 quest, so you can use the fairy rings.
Item RecommendationsCamelot Teleport or Draynor/Lunar staff (if you have the Fairy Tale Part 2 requirement)


[edit] 3.. 2.. 1.. Start The Quest!

To start the quest, you need to talk to one of the Dwarfes west or east of White Wolf Mountain.

Where to start the quest!

You'll ask them if you can use the tunnels. The answer is a big, fat, NO. However, if you win the Hemenster Fishing Contest, and give them the trophy, they'll let you use the tunnels. The dwarf will give you a Competition Pass so you can enter the contest.

[edit] Finding Your Fishing Ammo

Go to McGrubor's Woods, using either a Camelot Teleport or the fairy ring code "ALS". Find a vine that looks a bit different from all the others (here's a hint, it's red) and click "check vine". You'll find a.. red worm in your inventory. Don't think about it, just get some more, like.. 3 or 4.

I think the fairy ring is faster..

After you've got enough worms, leave McGrubor's Woods and go south to find the fishing contest, you can't miss it. Well, actually.. you can. Just go west of the Ranging Guild.

Wasn't THAT hard to find..

[edit] Fishing Preparations

Try to go in. Some guy will stop you and say you'll need a competition pass. Of course, you have one, so give it to him and THEN go in. You'll see some other dude and a Sinister Stranger. Oh yeah... OHMYGODITSAVAMPIRE! Yeah, I don't know how he's allowed in the contest. Talk to him and say he's a vampire. He will of course deny this. Talk to that guy (named Bonzo) and pay him 5gp. He'll tell you where your fishing spot is, and it stinks. The vampire gets the good spot, so you have to scare him off. Place the garlic in that pipe near him, and he'll run off. Talk to Bonzo again and you'll get the good fishing spot. Fish there and you'll catch a GIANT fish.

[edit] The Epilogue

Talk to Bonzo again, and he'll tell you that.. YOU WIN! You'll get a trophy. Go back to the dwarf and give him the trophy. QUEST COMPLETE!

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 2437 fishing experience (someone says that you can get higher depending on your fishing level, up to 3225 experience)
  • The ability to use the tunnel from one side of White Wolf Mountain to the other.
  • The ability to use the "Scale Catherby Cliff" shortcut.
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