Firemaking is, as the name would suggest, the skill in which you build fires. Fires can be used for a range of things, the most prominent being cooking. To make a fire, all that is required is a tinderbox and logs. Then, simply use the tinderbox with the logs in your inventory. Your character will bend down and attempt to make the fire. Once he moves away, your fire will be lit. The higher your firemaking level, the higher level logs you can burn.


[edit] Regular Logs

Here is a list of the types of logs than can be burnt with the levels that are needed to burn them, along with the experience gained when burnt.

Pic Log Name Level Required Level Required
Barbarian Method
Normal Logs Normal Logs 1 21 40
Achey Logs Achey Logs 1 21 40
Oak Logs Oak Logs 15 35 60
Willow Logs Willow Logs 30 50 90
Teak Logs Teak Logs 35 55 105
Arctic Pine Logs Arctic Pine Logs 42 62 125
Maple Logs Maple Logs 45 65 135
Mahogany Logs Mahogany Logs 50 70 157.5
Eucalyptus Logs Eucalyptus Logs 58 78 193.5
Yew Logs Yew Logs 60 80 202.5
Magic Logs Magic Logs 75 95 303.5

[edit] Firelighters

Firelighters are an extra members-only feature to the firemaking skill. You can obtain one of the 5 colored firelighters from any level of treasure trails. In order to use it, simply "use" the firelighter on a normal log. They cannot be used on any other log other than normal. Apart from looking pretty, they also add a small amount of extra experience per log burned.

Blue Firelighter Green Firelighter Purple Firelighter Red Firelighter White Firelighter

[edit] Pyre Logs

You learn to turn Logs into Pyre Logs during the Shades of Mort'ton. After building the temple, light the altar and use Olive Oil (bought from Mort'ton General Store) on it to get Sacred Oil. Sacred Oil can be used on logs to get additional XP when burned. These logs are all Members only to burn.

Pic Log Name Level Required Experience
Pyre logs Normal Pyre Logs 5 50
Oak Pyre Logs Oak Pyre Logs 20 70
Willow Pyre Logs Willow Pyre Logs 35 100
Teak Pyre Logs Teak Pyre Logs 35 120
Arctic Pine Pyre Logs Arctic Pine Pyre Logs 47 158
Maple Pyre Logs Maple Pyre Logs 50 175
Mahogany Pyre Logs Mahogany Pyre Logs 55 210
Eucalyptus Pyre Logs Eucalyptus Pyre Logs 63  ?
Yew Pyre Logs Yew Pyre Logs 65 255
Magic Pyre Logs Magic Pyre Logs 80 404.5

[edit] Pyre Ships

After learning Barbarian Firemaking, you will also be able to light Pyre Ships. Using logs and Chewed Bones to light a Pyre Ship will set a spirit free and it will give you an item, which may even be a Dragon Full Helm. However, lighting a Pyre Ship with Mangled Bones in it will result in an Enraged Spirit attacking you. Burning a Pyre Ship also results in a Prayer Bonus, which will give you 300% of the Prayer XP the next few times you bury bones. Constructing a Pyre Ship also gives Crafting XP equal to 25% of the XP given in Firemaking when burning the ship.

[edit] Lamps and Lanterns

Unlit Pic Lit Pic Name Level To Light Notes
Candle Unlit Black Candle Unlit Candle Lit Black Candle Lit Candle / Black Candle 1 Used to light a dark cave, but is the weakest light, and can be blown out over time.
Torch Unlit Torch Lit Torch 1 Can cover your scent whilst hunting (Hunting guide link).
Also can be used to light a dark cave, better than a candle.
Candle Lantern Unlit Candle Lantern Lit Candle Lantern 4 Prevents Candles being put out easily.
Oil Lamp Unlit Oil Lamp Lit Oil Lamp 12 Can light your path in a dark room/cave, third best light.
Requires oil.
Oil Lantern Unlit Oil Lantern Lit Oil Lantern 26 Can light your path in the dark, second to best light.
Requires oil.
Bullseye Lantern Unlit Bullseye Lantern Lit Bullseye Lantern 49 Bullseye lanterns are the best way to light up a dark cave.
Requires oil.
Sapphire Lantern Unlit Sapphire Lantern Lit Sapphire Lantern 49 Use a cut Sapphire with a normal Bullseye lantern to change the lens. Made available part-way through the Tears of Guthix quest.
Requires oil.
Emerald Lantern Unlit Emerald Lantern Lit Emerald Lantern 49 Use a cut Emerald with a normal Bullseye lantern to change the lens. Made available part-way through the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Requires oil.

[edit] Lantern Oil

Once you have finished making a lantern, you will need to add oil before you can use it. To make the oil, you will need to use swamp tar on the Oil distiller in the Chemists house in Rimmington. See the Crafting guide for more information on lantern lenses. You can tint the light using an emerald (Lunar Diplomacy quest) or a sapphire (Tears of Guthix quest).

[edit] Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are a way to travel around Runescape after completing the Enlightened Journey quest. You may only get firemaking experience from unlocking all of the routes. Each route unlocked grants you 2000 firemaking experience to your firemaking skill. Once you gain the ability to travel to each new landing spot, you get a quick option to travel around much quicker, if you do managed to not complete a route and crash, you will lose all your current logs automatically. You do NOT get experience for using the quick option.

Location Level Required Logs to unlock Logs for quick option
Entrana 20 None 1 Normal log
Taverly 20 10 Normal logs 1 Normal log
Crafting Guild 30 10 Oak logs 1 Oak Log
Varrock 40 10 Willow 1 Willow Log
Castle Wars 50 10 Yew logs 1 Yew Long
The Grand Tree 60 3 magic logs 1 Magic Log

[edit] Beacon Lighting

After the completion of the Quest "In Pyre Need" you unlock the ability to begin a Beacon Lighting minigame, in which the aim is to simultaneously light all 14 Beacons without them going out. For a certain number of Beacons lit you obtain a special reward which will prove most useful in the Firemaking and Woodcutting Skill.

Beacon Location Requirement to Light Experience
River Salve 43 Firemaking 216.2
Rag and Bone Man 43 Firemaking 216.2
North of the Jolly Boar 48 Firemaking 193.8
North of Varrock Palace 53 Firemaking 178.5
North of the Grand Exchange 59 Firemaking 194.3
Edgeville 62 Firemaking 86.7
Black Knights' Fortress 68 Firemaking and a member of the Monastery. 224.4
Goblin Village 72 Firemaking and completed Land of the Goblins. 194.8
Burthope 76 Firemaking and 56 Smithing 195.3
East of Death Plateau 79 Firemaking 42 Construction 249.9
East of Trollheim 83 Firemaking 64 Agility 201
East of God Wars Dungeon 87 Firemaking 60 Crafting 255
North of the small temple in the Wilderness 89 Firemaking with either 70 Smithing or 59 Construction 198.9
Frozen Waste Plateau 92 Firemaking 147.9

Number of Alight Beacons Bonus Experience
1 608.4
2 1622.4
3 1987.4
4 2149.6
5 2149.6
6 2514.6
7 2555.2
8 2758
9 2839.1
10 3041.9
11 3123
12 3244.7
13 3366.4
14 4867.1

[edit] Rewards

Name Image Bonus Information
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire 2% EXP Bonus After lighting 6 Beacons simultaneously you will be rewarded with the Ring of Fire, This can be combined with the Flame Gloves for a total of 5% EXP Bonus, see below.
Flame Gloves Flame Gloves 2% EXP Bonus After lighting 10 Beacons simultaneously you will be rewarded with the Flame Gloves, This can be combined with the Ring of Fire for a total of 5% EXP Bonus, see above.
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 33% of logs cut will be automatically burnt After lighting all 14 Beacons simultaneously you will be rewarded with the Inferno Adze. The Inferno Adze, when used burns 1/3 of the logs cut, you will get normal Firemaking EXP from these logs plus any other bonuses from the items listed above, aswell as the respective Woodcutting EXP. The speed of the Inferno Adze is that of the Dragon axe. Not only this but it can also act as a Pickaxe for Mining.

[edit] Other Items and Uses

[edit] Mining Helmet

Mining Helmet Lit The cave Goblin mining helmet can be obtained by killing miners under the Lumbridge castle kitchen, just inside the caves. The can save you 1 inventory space, as the helm is not only equipable, but once lit, will light a dark cave. It requires 65 Firemaking to light, and once lit, is untradeable. However, the unlit version can be traded.

[edit] Dorgeshuun Light Orb

Light Orb The Dorgeshuun replacement light orb can be used to repair the city of Dorgesh-Kann. The city's lights will break occasionally, and replacing them will offer you 1000 firemaking experience. You will need a light orb made of glass, and level 52 firemaking.

[edit] Iron Spit

Iron Spit The Iron spit requires a level of 20 firemaking to use. It can be smithing from Iron using the Smithing skill. It is used to cook chompy and jubbly birds from the Chompy Bird Hunting mini-game (Link). Simply use the meat with the spit, and then use it on a fire. It can also be used to cook meats obtained from the Hunting Skill.

[edit] Origami Balloons

Origami balloons can be made after the completion of the quest, Enlightened Journey. They can be made by using a ball of wool on papyrus, then adding an unlit candle. They are lit by using them with a tinderbox. Once lit, they will fly for a short while before burning up. The balloons can be dyed using dyes to many different colors. The lighting of the balloon gives 20 firemaking experience.

[edit] Player-Owned House Fireplace

Offers 20 exp points when lit. Refer to the Construction guide for more information.

[edit] Training

The best training method up to level 60 is to use the best logs you can.

Levels Log Number to burn
(Full Inventory)
Estimate Cost
1-15 Normal 61 (2.3) 2000gp
15-30 Oak 183 (6.8) 5000gp
30-45 Willow 535 (19.9) 16,000gp
45-60 Maple 1572 (58.3) 70,000gp

Once at level 60, there are several options to choose from. Either continue to use Maples up to level 99, or switch to the more expensive Yews.

60-99 Maple 94524 (3500.9) 4,250,000gp
60-99 Yew 67642 (2505.2) 24,000,000gp

You have another option at level 75 as to whether you continue with Maples/Yews, or switch to Magics. While they offer the most experience, they are also by far the most expensive, and few choose to train with them.

75-99 Yew 63016 (2334) 24,000,000gp
75-99 Magic 38927 (1441.8) 46,500,000gp

[edit] Skillcape

Once you achieve the impressive level of 99, you can buy and wear the Firemaking skill cape from Ignatius Vulcan for 99,000 coins, in the forest south of the Seers Village bank for this cape. The Firemaking cape is orange in color. If you have more then one 99 skill it will be orange in color with a gold trim. See the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

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