Here's a list of the usual iteams you need in order to properly farm:

  • Watering Can.
  • Seed Dibber.
  • Rake
  • Spade.
  • The Seeds.
  • Empty Bucket

[edit] The Basics of Farming

Start off simply by finding the farming patch of your choice. The difference between each Patch is that every one can only grow certain things
Example: When you "examine" the patch it will indicate "A flower patch" or "A tree patch" etc.
Once you've found your patch, "use" the rake on it in order to get rid of all the weeds (Make sure to keep the weeds). Once that's ready, there should be a Compost Bin Nearby, "use" the weeds on the compost bin until its filled up. (You will be able to know when its filled because it should close by itself).
Your going to have to wait for a while until the weeds decompost into Compost. Once finish (Takes from 10-20mins Real life) right click on the compost bin to bring up the option, "Open". Once opened simply "use" your empty bucket on the compost bin and you should recieve in your inventory a "Bucket of Compost"

Once you have your compost, there might still be some weeds that have grown, just simply remove them ("Use" rake on patch.), make sure your Watering Can is full, in your inventory it should say "Watering Can (8)" ("8" indicates that it is full), if it isn't full yet or not even filled up, you can fill it up by pressing "use" on it with any water source.
For the last steps, poor the compost in the patch ("Use" Compost Bin on Patch), then add the seeds ("Use" x Seeds on Patch)

Once you reach Level 99 in farming skill, a Cape of Achievement is availible from the Martin the Master Gardener in the marketplace of Draynor Village for 99k. He's usually walking around the pigs, and has a skillcape, himself.

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