Ernest the Chicken

Ernest the Chicken
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointTalk to Veronica at the gate of Draynor Manor
Skill RequirementsNone
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsNone


[edit] Starting Out

Starting out.jpg

If you look at this, you'll see the first thing you'll want to do is talk to Veronica, as there is no requirements for this Quest.

Veronica is located at the entrance to Draynor Manor, which is right up the path from Draynor Market. Here's a map if you don't know:

Path to Draynor Manor.png

Orange Path - Lumbridge to Draynor Manor
Yellow Path - Draynor Market to Draynor Manor
Teal Path - Falador (Southwest from the beginning of the path is Falador, that is) to Draynor Manor

Red Circle - Draynor Market (Bank)
Green Square - Draynor Village
Blue Square - Draynor Manor (Start point of Quest, along with where Veronica is located)

[edit] Instructions

Step 1: Finding Veronica

Once you've located Veronica, talk to her. She will say:

Veronica 1.JPG

You should reply with:

Reply to Veronica.JPG

After this, you'll go on a long conversion with Veronica, including why she's there and what happened to her husband "Ernest". After a long and boring conversion, you will have learned that Ernest and Veronica were lost and Ernest said he'd go in to ask for directions (Seems he's smart, going into an old run down manor by him self...).

Step 2: Finding Ernest

Anyway, go inside and take a look around. You should see some different things; chairs that amazing move around and follow you, skeletons, ghosts and a witch or two. Anyway, once you've had a nice look around, its time to go upstairs. Take the first staircase from when you walk in. From here, go WEST and climb the next set of stairs (You shouldn't leave the room to find the 2nd set of stairs, so if ended up going east, you will end up going through a door. Do not go this way, especially at lower levels, as there are level 19 ghosts a few rooms down and it isn't the right way).

Anyhow, once you've climb the 2nd set of stairs, you should be next to a lab type room. Go in and talk to Professor Oddenstein (Haha, Einstein!)

Professor Oddenstein.JPG

After talking with him, you'll get three replies. Remember to pick the red reply!

Wheres Ernest.JPG

Well, whats Ernest appear to be?

Step 3: Ernest is a WHAT?

You guessed it, Ernest is a CHICKEN. Bak Bak!

First Professor Oddenstein will claim "He's a nice bloke, he's helping me with my experiments!". What kind of experiments? Turning people into chickens, it seems.

After he mentions that, you should automatically reply with "Well, where is he?". Professor Oddenstein will reply with:


After questioning if this is true or not, Professor Oddestein will explain how the machine he built was "Supposed to be called 'A transmution machine'. But after testing pultomorph, it 'seems more appropriate'.

Ask him to:

What to say to Professor Odd..JPG
Note: Chose the highlighted text, or the bottom text, not the top.

Well, it turns out its not too easy...

Step 4: Fixin' the machine
Well, it seems some Goblins have run off with vital parts to Professor Oddenstein's machine, so you now need to collect three parts before he'll be able to return Ernest to normal. Dang.

Step 5: The Pressure Gauge This first one is quiet easy, but does take some thinking. First, walk down the set of stairs from Professor Oddenstein's lab. Next, from that room I mentioned with the ghosts, go there, by exiting through the door and heading south, or to the door down the hall. Go through the western door and grab some Fish food.


Now go down the stairs and head toward the mean old witch in the kitchen. Go the closet in the kitchen and grab the poison.


Now that you have poison and fish food, what do you think you'll do with it? Use them together!

Poison to fishfood.JPG

You should end up with Poison Fish Food!

Poison Fish Food.JPG

Now you'll need to leave the Manor to do this next part. But wait! The doors won't open! WTF! Hold the phone, don't call 911 yet! There's another way out!

Simply head to the east and toward the eastern most door. While here, grab the spade in the western corner, next to the bucket. You'll need it for something else.


From this picture you should see a yellow path. Follow it, or aka, go out the door and up around the back end of the manor. Keep an eye out for some trees that like to fight; they'll whack you and if you're lower level, be careful.

Now once you've gotten to the point where theres a mound of dirt near the edge of the manor, dig in it to find a Key. Keep this for another point in this quest.

Head towards the front of the manor now, but hang near to the west side of the fence, until you see a fountain. Normally, you'd be unable to search this fountain, due to the piranhas, but now you've got fish food! Use it on the fountain and kill them piranhas! Congratulations, you got your first item!

Pressure Gauge.JPG

Step 6: Finding the Rubber Tube This one should be easy, had you followed advice in step 5 (Grabing the spade and key). If you did not, however, you'll have to backtrack.

Option 1: Back tracking

Go back into the manor and head east, to the eastern most room. Grab the spade in the corner and head out the door to the north.


Now, head around the manor until you find a "mound of earth". Is there a body in here...?

Dig here.JPG


Now that you have the key, go back inside the manor through the main entrance. Go to the small closet like area behind the stair case and go inside. QUICKLY, if you are low leveled, grab the rubber tube and RUN, as theres a level 22 skeleton inside.


Once you've grabbed it, its time for the final, somewhat easy if you follow this guide, but could be a pain in the rear if you don't follow this guide, LAST ITEM.

Step 7: The Maze (Finding the Oil Can)

First off, make sure to read this carefully, as if you mess up in the maze, you'll have to start from the beginning of the maze. Note this.

Now, head from where ever you are in the manor to the west side, where there appears to be a secret lever you can't pull. How do you get in then? Go through the book case!

Go through the book case.JPG

Now go down the ladder and you'll be in a maze of levers.


To get to the Oil Can, pull the levers (Which have letters next to "Lever" when you examine it) in this order and follow this map:

Levers to pull1.png

Key: 1 - Door 2 - Door 3 - Door 4 - Door 5 - Door 6 - Door 7 - Door 8 - Door 9 - Door

Dark Green: A Grey: B Light Green: C Yellow: D Orange: E Red: F

Now, the order to go through Doors and Pull levers is:

Pull levers A and B (D Green and Grey). Go through door 1 and pull lever D (Yellow). Go through 2 and door three and back into the main area and pull levers A and B again. Now go back through Door 3 and go through 4 and 5. Pull E and F down and go through doors 6 and 7. Now from here pull lever C, and go back through door 6 and 7. Pull lever E and go through doors 6, 8 and 3. Finally, go through door 9 and grab the oil can.

  • Tested and proven method<i/>

Step 8: Finally done! Now that you have all three items, its time to head back to Professor Oddenstein.

To get back to him, get out of the maze and pull the lever to get out of that room. Go to the first stair case and up the next. Talk to Professor Oddenstein.

He'll ask if you've really found everything and you'll reply "Yes I have!". You'll 'give 'em here' and Professor Oddenstein will fix the machine! Ernest will then transform back!

Ernest will then thank you for saving him and ask "how he should better thank you?".


Well, you won't get all that much cash, but hey, it was almost worth it!

[edit] Reward

Quest done - Ernest the chicken.JPG

  • 4 Quest Points
  • 300 GPs

[edit] Trivia

  • There's a gravestone at the northern-most point of the manor that, when you examine it, it reads:

<i>Here lies Guy, he told a lie, so we swung him from the gallows high

Oddly enough, there's some gallows near him. Hmm?

  • The chairs follow you around the manor, but stop when they see you! They also don't hurt you, unlike the trees...

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