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Dust Devil
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[edit] Requirements

  • High combat (advised 90+ minimum)
  • 65 Slayer
  • Facemask or Slayer Helmet to enter locations

[edit] Introduction

Dust Devils are a popular monster among RuneScape players because of their good drops, good exp, and most of all, their Crimson Charm drop rate for Summoning.

Dust Devils can only be accessed with the Slayer skill. You must have level 65 Slayer to fight these monsters. You must be wearing either a facemask, masked earmuffs, or a Slayer Helmet at all times while fighting them. They can be very deadly if you are not wearing one of those.

A popular way to fight Dust Devils is by using the Bones to Peaches spell or tab. Bones to Peaches allows you to fill all your empty inventory spots with bones, then turn them into Peaches. Peaches heal 8, so you can stay at Dust Devils for longer periods of time without banking. Bones to Peaches requires you to "buy" that spell from the Mage Training Arena with points you earn there, or using Bones to Peaches tablets. (See strategies below)

[edit] Overview

Dust Devils are level 93, and they have 105 hitpoints (105 Slayer exp per kill if they are your Slayer task).

Dust devils.PNG

[edit] Locations

Dust Devils are only located in two places around RuneScape.

[edit] Smokey Well, West of Pollnivneach

The first place Dust Devils are located is the Smokey Well, west of Pollnivneach. You must have your facemask (masked earmuffs or Slayer Helmet) on at all times while in this dungeon. You must also have also gone far enough into the quest Desert Treasure to enter it the well. Dust Devils are near the front of the dungeon.

To get to the Smokey Well, take the Magic Carpet from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach (200gp), then walk to the well:

Dust devils path.PNG

[edit] Chaos Tunnels

Like a lot of other monsters, Dust Devils are located in the Chaos Tunnels. You do not need a facemask (masked earmuffs or Slayer Helmet) while wandering in the tunnels, but you do when actually fighting the Dust Devils.

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Melee

I would suggest using Melee to kill Dust Devils. You could use anything from a whip to a godsword, it doesn't really matter. Here is the suggested equipment screen while using Melee:

Dust devils setup.PNG

  • Slayer Helmet (or facemask or masked earmuffs)
  • Fire Cape (skill cape, legend's cape)
  • Glory Amulet (Amulet of Fury)
  • Whip (godsword, dragon scimitar, dragon longsword)
  • Dharok's Platebody (dragon chainbody, rune chainbody, other Barrows)
  • Dharok's Platelegs (dragon platelegs, rune platelegs, other Barrows)
  • Obsidian Shield (rune Defender, rune kiteshield)
  • Dragon gloves (best RFD gloves you can get, Family Crest gauntlets)
  • Dragon boots (rune boots)
  • Ring of Wealth (berserker ring, warrior ring)

[edit] Range

You could also range Dust Devils if you prefer. Throughout the Smokey Well, there are stalagmites and lava pools you can range across.

[edit] Strategies

To stay at Dust Devils for a long period of time, I would use this inventory:

  • 150 or so nature runes for alchable drops. (see Drops below)
  • Chisel to cut all the gems they drop for some Crafting exp.
  • Bones to Peaches runes/tablets.
  • Dragon Battleaxe to raise your strength.
  • Coins - placeholder.
  • Charms - placeholders.

[edit] Drops

Dust Devils have many good drops, it's one of the main reasons players kill them. Here is a list of all their good drops:

  • Coins
  • Charms (mostly Crimsons)
  • Runes (fire, chaos, soul)
  • Arrows (rune, 12)
  • Herbs (including Ranarrs)
  • Gems (uncut Sapphires through Diamonds)
  • Ugthanki Kebab (free food)
  • Rune Dagger (alch)
  • Earth Battlestaff (alch)
  • Red D'hide Vambraces (alch)
  • Rune Javelin (5)
  • Rune Spear
  • Dragon Square Shield - left half
  • Dragon Medium Helm
  • Dragon Spear
  • Half key (loop and teeth)

And the much envied drop, the


Here is my inventory after camping at Dust Devils in the Smokey Well for around 7-8 hours (everything inside the red is my drops):

Dust devils end invent.PNG

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