Dungeoneering is a F2P (free to play) skill. You use the skill to access deeper parts of the dungeon beneath the area called Demonheim. You gain experience in Dungeoneering by using your skill in ways such as smithing weapons and armor and etc. When you are level 1 in dungeoneering you can bound 1 item to yorself that you will not lose when you exit the dungeon, but it only appears in your inventory when you are inside of the demonheim dungeons. Plus, as your dungeoneering skill increases you can bound more items to yourself. To complete a dungeon you must find and kill the boss monster in that dungeon. You are also rewarded with tokens that you can exchange with a reward trader outside of the dungeon once you complete the dungeon. You are not allowed to take anything in to the dungeon with you. You must have nothing equipt on you character or in you inventory. There is a person that can deposit items into and withdraw items out of your bank.

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