Draynor Village

Draynor Village is a village located in the kingdom of Asgarnia. The main attraction here are the many willow trees, right next to a bank for easy banking. It is also the location of many quests, including Ernest the Chicken and more.


Draynor Village is East of Port Sarim and south of Barbarian Village. It lies directly east through some woods from Lumbridge. The quickest way there is by Amulet of Glory teleport, which will teleport you directly outside of the bank. You may also walk south from Barbarian Village, past Draynor Manor, east from Lumbridge through the woods, or west from Port Sarim on the path.

[edit] Points of Interest

Bank - Also has a quick deposit box, making for easy deposits into your bank.

Willows - Draynor Village willows are the main place for free players to get the best woodcutting experience. They are often crowded at all times of the day on all worlds, even in members worlds.

Fishing - Draynor Village has a few fishing spots that low level fishers, or just someone with a hungry cat, can use to fish.

Wise Old Man - The Wise Old Man does numerous things. He helps you clean out your bank, he will give you herbs in exchange for you doing him favors, he helps you with mysterious items, and will sell you your quest cape once you have completed every quest in Runescape for 99k.

Draynor Manor - A creepy manor. Once you go in, the doors close behind you (you'll have to use the exit that goes through the back. It houses 3 quests, Animal Magnetism, Ernest the Chicken, and Vampire Slayer

Draynor Marketplace - The Draynor Marketplace is a bit small for somewhere you expect to do business, but it offers quite a few advantages and even a couple laughs. Diango's Toy Store is a common place for Jagex to put a joke over on the players, selling toy horses, spinning plates(with a picture of a dragon on them so Jagex could call it a Dragon Plate), and the most recent, the Dragon Kite(which was, quite literally, a kite). Along with Diango's store, Fortunato's wine stall and Olivia's seed stall make up the rest of the business in the marketplace.

Thieving - Of course, there's no stall safe from the thieves in Runescape. At level 22 Thieving, players can steal from Fortunato's Fine Wine, although there are market guards(level-20) keeping watch over the stalls. At level 27 Thieving, players can now steal from Olivia's seed stall and help fuel their Farming. That's not all however, at level 38 thieving you gain the ability to thieve from Master Farmers, and this is one of the quickest ways to get to 45 Thieving. Try to lure the Master Farmer into the pig-pen and then shut the gate, so he can't walk away, leading to quicker experience. Of course, you'll end up with a lot of seeds, as you can thieve everything except tree and fruit tree seeds from him.

Draynor Dungeon - Very good low-to-mid level combat experience, and close to a bank, for easy trips. Down in the dungeon there are zombies and skeletons, which both make for good combat experience and, if you want to mage, Crumble Undead works wonders here.

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