Dragon bones

Dragon Bones
Examine: These would feed a dog for months!
Examine: These would feed a dog for months!
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[edit] Alters

  • Considering to the huge cost of gaining Prayer levels at a quick pace it is often recommended that if you are a Runescape Member that you use the Skill of Construction for the sole purpose of Alters. However if you cannot fund the costs for the Alters’ then another option can be to use another players. In the RuneScape Official Forums it can often be seen in the "Events" Section that players are opening their Alters’ to the public.
  • Due to an update, Alters now have a "Use X" option which greatly reduces the amount of clicking needed in order to gain EXP this way. This consequently affected the prices of Dragon bones and caused them to become quite unstable.
    • In a more recent update where the Prayer skill has been given some higher level abilities, this has prompted the Dragon Bones already high price even further up. This means that Dragon Bones are an unstable and volatile item currently, so be aware of the Grand Exchange graphs if you wish to purchase a large quantity of them.

Alter Burners Lit EXP Gained
Oak Alter None 100% of Exp
Oak Alter One 150% of Exp
Oak Alter Two 200% of Exp
Teak Alter None 110% of Exp
Teak Alter One 160% of Exp
Teak Alter Two 210% of Exp
Cloth Alter None 125% of Exp
Cloth Alter One 175% of Exp
Cloth Alter Two 225% of Exp
Mahogany Alter None 150% of Exp
Mahogany Alter One 200% of Exp
Mahogany Alter Two 250% of Exp
Limestone Alter None 175% of Exp
Limestone Alter One 225% of Exp
Limestone Alter Two 275% of Exp
Marble Altar Alter None 200% of Exp
Marble Altar Alter One 250% of Exp
Marble Altar Alter Two 300% of Exp
Gilded Alter None 250% of Exp
Gilded Alter One 300% of Exp
Gilded Alter Two 350% of Exp

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