Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
The Guild Master
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointChampions' Guild
Skill RequirementsCombat high enough to tackle a level 83 Green Dragon
Quest Requirements32 Quests Points to become a member of the Champion's Guild
Item RequirementsHammer, 3 wood planks, 90 steel nails, 2,000 coins (Possibly 10,000 more), unfired bowl, lobster pot, Wizard's Mind Bomb, plus equipment needed to defeat the Green Dragon


[edit] Starting Out

Speak to the Guild Master, who is in Champions Guild, and ask him about rune armor. He will tell you that you will be able to wear it if you go on a quest for Oziach, who makes the rune armor. Go speak to Oziach, who is located right outside of Edgeville.

Oziach's Hut

Talk to him about the rune armor and ask how him you can become a hero. He will tell you that you have to slay a dragon that is located on Crandor Island. Go back to the Champions Guild Master and he will say that you will have to find three pieces of a map to get to Crandor, as well as a boat, a captain to take you to Crandor, and a shield to protect you from the dragon's breath.

[edit] Your Anti-Dragon Shield And You!

After you talk to the Champions Guild Master, go to the Lumbridge Castle on the second floor and talk to Duke Horacio. Ask him for a shield that will protect you from the breathe of dragons and he will give you an Anti-dragonbreath shield for free. Head back to the Champions Guild Master and he will tell you where the map pieces are located. Ask him about Melzar's Maze and he will give you a Maze Key. The first map piece is in Melzar's Maze, a Oracle has the second, and Wormbrain, who is a goblin, has the last one.

[edit] Time to solve the Maze

It is now time to get your first map piece and it's in Melzar's Maze, which is Northwest of Rimmington. Use the key to get in and now the fun begins.

Welcome to the maze!

You will need to obtain different colored keys to get the map piece. The first key you need to get is Red, kill level 3 Zombie Rats until they drop one and use it on the northwest door and climb up the ladder. Now kill level 19 Ghosts until they drop a Orange Key and use it on the second door from the north and climb the ladder. It is now time to get the Yellow Key by killing level 22 Skeletons. Use the key on the most western door and climb down the ladders until you reach the level 24 Zombies and kill them until you get a Blue Key. After that, use it on the Blue Door. Now it's time to retrieve a Magenta Key, kill the level 43 Melzar the Mad and he will drop one, use it on Magenta Door. Kill the level 82 Lesser Demon and it will drop a Green Key. Use it on the green door. Search the chest in that room and you will finally have your first map piece.

The chest with the map

[edit] Helping out the Oracle

Go speak to the Oracle, who is on Ice Mountain, located south of the Black Knights Fortress. He will tell you that you are going to need four items: A Wizard Mind Bomb, Silk, Lobster Pot and a Unfired Bowl. You can buy the Wizard Mind Bomb at the Falador Bar or you can make it, which requires 34 Cooking. You can buy Silk in Al-Kharid for 3 coins or you can steal it from a Silk Stall in Ardounge, which requires 20 Thieving. You can get a Lobster Pot from any Fishing Shop or the Fishing Guild, and you can make an Unfired Bowl with 8 Crafting or you can buy it from players. You can also buy all of these items from other players. After you get all of the items, go down into the Dwarven Mines, the Mines are south of the Oracle. Explore around and eventually, you will find a room which contains a chest. Use all four items on the entrance and search the chest for your second map piece.

[edit] Kill or pay off Wormbrain

It is now time to get your last map piece from Wormbrain. You have a few options here:

  • Range or Mage Wormbrain to death and use tele-grab to get the map piece, which requires level 33 Magic
  • Pay Wormbrain 10k

After you have done one of those things, you will finally have your last map piece! Put the all of the pieces together now.

[edit] Getting a ship and a captain

Get out 2k and find a man named Klarense on Port Sarim's docks. Talk to him and tell him you want to buy his ship (Lady Lumbridge) and give him the 2k. You find out the ship is damaged and you will need a hammer, 90 steel nails, and three planks to fix it.

To get a hammer:

  • Buy one from a General Store
  • Buy one from another player

To get steel nails:

  • Smith them, which requires level 34
  • Buy them from a Sawmill Operator
  • Buy them from another player

To get planks:

  • Give logs and 100gp (for each log) to the Sawmill Operator near Varrock
  • Buy them from another player
  • Collect them from the Graveyard in the Wilderness
  • Collect them near Barbarian agility outpost (Members area)

[edit] Warm, Sunny Crandor!

Once everything's ready, go to Ned in Draynor Village (the guy who makes rope?) and give him the map you have from combining the three pieces. He'll agree to take you to Crandor. Go back to the ship you bought and cross the gangplank. Go down the ladder and talk to Ned. BEFORE GOING TO CRANDOR, MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED TO FIGHT A DRAGON. DO NOT FORGET YOUR ANTI-DRAGON SHIELD. Once you're ready, sail to Crandor.

Once you arrive there, your ship will get smashed up. You can't go back this way, but there is a way through the dungeon.

Directions to the dungeon

Follow this map and then head down the ladder. You're now in Crandor Dungeon! Wait, no you're not. Run down and you'll see where you're going to fight Elvarg, you can't miss it.

Oh look! Elvarg!

Ignore it for now, and run down farther. You'll pass some lesser demons until coming to a familiar wall. Click the open option, and you'll see that you push the wall and end up in the Karamjan Dungeon.

So that's what this wall is for..

This step is important, because if you lose against the fight with Elvarg, you'll have to fix the ship again to get back here. Now that you can travel between Karamja and Crandor, open the wall again, run past the lesser demons and skeletons, and go back to that place with Elvarg. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR ANTI-DRAGON SHIELD ON BEFORE YOU ENTER. Once you're ready, jump over the rocks. Time to slay a dragon!

[edit] Reward

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 18,650 Strength experience
  • 18,650 Defense experience
  • The ability to wear Rune Platebody & Green Dragonhide Body

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