Dragon Plateskirt

Dragon Plateskirt
Examine: These look pretty heavy.
Examine: These look pretty heavy.
Requirements60 Defence
Low Alchemy108,000gp
High Alchemy162,000gp
PriceGrand Exchange Graph

[edit] How To Obtain

The Dragon Plateskirt can be obtained either from; Players, the Grand Exchange or can be received as a rare drop from; Bronze Dragons, Iron Dragons, and Steel Dragons.

It is rumoured that the drop rate for this item increases depending on the Dragon type you choose to kill, for instance there would be more chance of a drop from a Steel Dragon than a Iron Dragon. Similarly there is more chance of the drop from an Iron Dragon over a Bronze Dragon.

The Dragon Plateskirt has the exact same stats as the Dragon Platelegs, yet the Dragon Plateskirt has always been considerably cheaper, it is recommended for those who are low on money to purchase this rather than to save for the Dragon Platelegs, as the only difference is it’s looks.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 68
Slash 0 66
Crush 0 63
Magic -21 -4
Ranged -7 65
Summoning N/A 20
Strength 0
Prayer 0

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