Demonheim dungeons

The Demonhiem dungeon is made up of multiple floors. The floor you chose is randomly generated each time you enter the dungeon. On every floor there is a boss monster to kill which is your main objective. Killing the boss will open the "safe" exit. You will only earn your reward if you go through this exit. If you exit through the ladder in the room with the smuggler, you will have to rejoin the party you were in. If you were exploring the dungeon by yourself, you cannot rejoin your party and will lose all experience earned. When you enter the dungeon through the doors (NOT the auto-match rooms)you can chose the floor you want,out of the floors that are unlocked, and the complexity, which goes from levels 1 to 6. complexity is how many skills are going to be involved in exploring the chosen floor. The auto-match automatically select another person within the same room to join you in exploring the dungeon. The puzzles within the dungeon are randomized also. Basically, if you leave a dungeon and return tho the same floor it will be completely different than it was before you left it. When you complete the dungeon and exit through the "safe" exit you will earn experience based on how much of the dungeon you explored, the total size of the dungeon, the difficulty, and how many times you died. based on the same factors you earn tokens that can be exchanged for reward items and experience towards your dungeoneering skill.You will then be transported to a new dungeon either on the next floor (if you have it unlocked) or the same floor (if you haven't unlocked the next).

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