Crash Island

Crash Island is a small island that you first come across during the Monkey Madness Quest when you fly here from Gnome Stronghold then talk to the pilot to be flown to the coast of Ape Atoll.

[edit] How To Get There

The only ways to get to Crash Island are using the Gnome pilot on Ape Atoll or Daero in the Gnome Stronghold.

[edit] In Recipe For Disaster

Crash Island is later used in Recipe for Disaster rescuing the Monkey King Awowogei. You use the dungeon in the centre. It is a small dungeon filled with Level 84 Giant Snakes, it is a multi-combat dungeon and there are alot of Snakes in the small area to attack you so it is advised you use Protect From Melee Prayer when in there.

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