[edit] How to get there

Crandor, A small island reached easiest from the tunnel under Karamja volcano (Accessible only after Dragon Slayer is completed), is a good place to either mine away, or train in isolation, this is because usually the island is deserted and it is far from a bank. The island is accessible throughout F2P and P2P servers.

Crandor Island

[edit] Mining

Crandor is a great place to get a mining spot to yourself, as it is far away from banks and people who like to deposit there ore will not branch that far because of the distance. If you are going to be mining on Crandor I suggest power mining(mining and then dropping the ore). You will not gain any money but you will gain experience faster. The closest bank for P2P players is in the Tzhaar caves, and for F2P players it would be in Draynor Village The mines on Crandor consist of:

  • 10 Coal
  • 3 Gold
  • 8 Mithril
  • 3 Adamant

Sometimes monster's such as King scorpions, Moss Giants, or Skeletons will venture over to the Mining spots so make sure you are prepared for combat

[edit] Combat Training

Training on Crandor can also give you good experience, as it is far from a bank as people don't venture that far away because restocking on supplies will take a while. The monsters on Crandor consist of:

  • Level 22 Skeletons
  • Level 28 Hobgoblins
  • Level 32 King Scorpions
  • Level 42 Moss Giants
  • Level 82 Lesser Demons

All in all, Crandor is a good place to train or mine if you do not like being bothered by other players while you work.

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