Crafting can be one of the more profitable skills that Runescape has to offer. Although it can be costly to train at times, it also yields much profit, providing you know what to craft. Many essential items, such as the Amulet of Glory, can only be made through the crafting skill. Crafting is also used in the making of dragonhide armour used in the Ranging skill. Crafting is a core skill in Runescape, and as such, a skill that every great adventurer must master to be able to get hold of certain odd items, such as a combat bracelet, quickly and efficiently.


[edit] Gem Cutting

When mining you will often gather a gemstone as well as the ore you're attempting to mine. These uncut gemstones are also dropped by some monsters. In their uncut form, they cannot be made into jewellery, so you must cut them first using a chisel. Your chance of obtaining a gem from a rock will be raised if you wear a charged Amulet of Glory.

Uncut Pic Cut Pic Item Level Required Experience Gained
Uncut Opal Cut Opal Opal* 1 15
Uncut Jade Cut Jade Jade* 13 20
Uncut Red Topaz Cut Red Topaz Red Topaz* 16 25
Uncut Sapphire Cut Sapphire Sapphire 20 50
Uncut Emerald Cut Emerald Emerald 27 67.5
Uncut Ruby Cut Ruby Ruby 34 85
Uncut Diamond Cut Diamond Diamond 43 107.5
Uncut Dragonstone Cut Dragonstone Dragonstone* 55
Uncut Onyx Cut Onyx Onyx* 67

[edit] Precious Metals

[edit] Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is made using special moulds which can be bought from crafting shops (one located in Al Kharid). Jewellery is made from gold bars and can be embedded with cut gemstones during the crafting process, but not after. To craft a piece of jewellery, have the appropriate mould, a gold bar and any cut gem you wish to use in your inventory, then use the gold bar with any furnace.

Pic Item Level Required Experience Gained
Gold Ring Gold Ring  ?  ?
Sapphire Ring Sapphire Ring 20 40
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring 27 55
Ruby Ring Ruby Ring 34 70
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring 43 85
Dragonstone Ring Dragonstone Ring* 55 100
Onyx Ring Onyx Ring* 67 115
Gold Necklace Gold Necklace  ?  ?
Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Necklace 22 55
Emerald Necklace Emerald Necklace 29 60
Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace 40 75
Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace 56 90
Dragonstone Necklace Dragonstone Necklace* 72 105
Onyx Necklace Onyx Necklace* 82 120
Gold Bracelet Gold Bracelet  ?  ?
Sapphire Bracelet Sapphire Bracelet 23 60
Emerald Bracelet Emerald Bracelet 30 65
Ruby Bracelet Ruby Bracelet 42 80
Diamond Bracelet Diamond Bracelet 58 95
Dragonstone Bracelet Dragonstone Bracelet* 74 110
Onyx Bracelet Onyx Bracelet* 84 125
Gold Amulet Gold Amulet  ?  ?
Sapphire Amulet Sapphire Amulet 24 65
Emerald Amulet Emerald Amulet 31 70
Ruby Amulet Ruby Amulet 50 85
Diamond Amulet Diamond Amulet 70 100
Dragonstone Amulet Dragonstone Amulet* 80 150
Onyx Amulet Onyx Amulet* 90 165

[edit] Silver

Silver items often have particular uses, and are frequently used in quests, such as In Search of the Myreque. Silver Holy Symbols in particular are a favourite item to train with in both Members and F2p, as it gives decent experience and the silver ore is easily obtained.

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Holy Symbol Unstrung Holy Symbol 16 50
Unholy Symbol Unstrung Unholy Symbol 17 50
Silver Sickle Silver Sickle 18 50
Lightning Conductor Lightning Conductor 20 50
Tiara Tiara 23 52.5

[edit] Spinning

Some items in their raw form have little purpose, but can be spun into more useful items, such as to string amulets. To spin a raw material, simply use it on a spinning wheel, and choose how many you wish to make. There are many spinning wheels throughout RuneScape, including the following:

Material Product Info
Pic Name Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Wool Wool Ball Of Wool Ball of Wool 1 2.5
Flax Flax Bowstring Bowstring 10 15
Sinew Sinew Crossbow String Crossbow String 10 15
Maple Roots Roots Crossbow String Crossbow String 10 15
Magic Roots Magic Roots Magic String Magic String 19 30
Yak Hair Yak Hair Rope Rope 30 25

[edit] Glass Items

Glass items have various uses, from forming lamps and lanterns which you can rely on in the darkest dungeons, to the powerful orbs atop battlestaves, to fishbowls which can hold your very own pet fish! To make an item of glass, you will first need to gather a bucket of sand, and some seaweed. Cook the seaweed on a range to produce soda ash, then use either the sand or the ash on a furnace to produce molten glass. You'll then need a Glassblowing rod to form the molten glass into a particular shape.

Sand pits can be found in various locations, such as Zanaris and Entrana, while the Glassblowing pipe is obtainable from the house on Entrana, west of the furnace.

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Beer Glass Beer Glass 1 2.5
Candle Lantern Unlit Candle Lantern 4 19
Oil Lamp Unlit Oil Lamp 12 25
Oil Lantern Unlit Oil Lantern 26 50
Empty Vial Vial 33 35
Fishbowl Fishbowl 42 42.5
Unpowered Orb Glass Orb 46 52.5
Lantern Lens Lantern Lens 49 55
Light Orb Dorgeshuun light orb 87 70

[edit] Leather work

Leather is particularly sought-after by rangers, as it offers good protection from magic-based attacks while also being flexible enough to not hinder their archery. Both Dragonhide and Leather are light, allowing for flexibility on the field of battle. Simple cow leather is suitable for beginner rangers, while leather made from various colours of dragonhide are far more valuable and are commonly used by the higher levelled rangers of Runescape.

Before you can use an animal hide (cowhide, snakeskin or dragonhide) you must have it tanned. You can do this by taking your hides to a tannery and paying the tanner to tan it for you, which can be found in Al Kharid, the Crafting guild and the Ranging guild.

[edit] Cow Leather

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Leather Gloves Leather gloves 1 13.8
Leather Boots Leather boots 7 16.3
Leather Cowl Leather cowl 9 18.5
Leather Vambraces Leather vambraces 11 22
Leather Body Leather body 14 27
Leather Chaps Leather chaps 18 27
Hardleather Body Hard Leather body 28 35
Coif Coif 38 37
Studded Leather Body Studded Body 41 40
Studded Chaps Studded chaps 44 42

[edit] Snakeskin

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Snakeskin Boots Snakeskin boots 45 30
Snakeskin Vambraces Snakeskin vambraces 47 35
Snakeskin Bandana Snakeskin bandanna 48 45
Snakeskin Chaps Snakeskin chaps 51 50
Snakeskin Body Snakeskin body 53 55

[edit] Dragonhide

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Green Dragonhide Vambraces Green Dragonhide Vambraces 57 62
Green Dragonhide Chaps Green Dragonhide Chaps 60 124
Green Dragonhide Body Green Dragonhide Body 63 186
Blue Dragonhide Vambraces Blue Dragonhide Vambraces 66 70
Blue Dragonhide Chaps Blue Dragonhide Chaps 68 140
Blue Dragonhide Body Blue Dragonhide Body 71 210
Red Dragonhide Vambraces Red Dragonhide Vambraces 73 78
Red Dragonhide Chaps Red Dragonhide Chaps 75 156
Red Dragonhide Body Red Dragonhide Body 77 234
Black Dragonhide Vambraces Black Dragonhide Vambraces 79 86
Blac Dragonhide Chaps Black Dragonhide Chaps 82 172
Black Dragonhide Body Black Dragonhide Body 84 258

[edit] Battlestaff Tops

Magi everywhere use battlestaves to help strengthen their magical attacks, while cutting down on rune consumption. Plain battlestaves can be purchased from Zaff's store in Varrock, but it takes a skilled crafter to place an elemental orb on top of the staff. Orbs are made of glass, and are infused with elemental power using the special magic spells.

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Water Battlestaff Water Battlestaff 54 100
Earth Battlestaff Earth Battlestaff 58 112.5
Fire Battlestaff Fire Battlestaff 62 125
Air Battlestaff Air Battlestaff 66 137.5

[edit] Pottery

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Pot Pot 1 12.6
Pie Dish Pie dish 7 25
Bowl Bowl 8 33
Plant Pot Plant pot 19 37.5
Pot Lid Pot Lid 25 40

[edit] Clockwork

Pic Name Level Required Experience Gained
Clockwork Mechanism Clockwork 8 15
Toy Horsey Toy Horsey 10 15
Wooden Cat Wooden Cat 10 15
Toy Soldier Toy Soldier 13 15
Toy Doll Toy Doll 18 15
Clockwork Suit Clockwork Suit 30 15
Toy Mouse Toy Mouse 33 15
Clockwork Cat Clockwork Cat 85 30

[edit] Weaving

Weaving is now almost hardly used by people these days as the products made from it can be easily bought from shops or the Grand Exchange. However, weaving does give a nice amount of experience for the crafter. To weave, you will have to use the base material on a loom, which is located at the farm south of Falador, and the Elven Camp. The base materials for weaving are balls of wool, jute fibres (receive from growing jute hops), and willow branches, (obtain by using secataur on a healthy willow tree) The willow tree has to be grown by yourself.

Picture Name Crafting Level Experience Materials
Cloth.gif Cloth 10 12 4 Balls of Wool
Sack.gif Sack 21 37.5 4 Jute Fibres
Basket.gif Basket 36 56 6 Willow Branches

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