Combat level

The Combat level of a monster, player or NPC is a measure of how easy or difficult they will be to defeat. It is calculated through an equation that uses the level of Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, Constitution, Defence, Prayer, and Summoning (members only). The color of the level on other beings range from green (low) to red (high). The only exception to this is in the Wilderness, where players with a combat level outside a certain range will appear in white.

Combat levels determine if a monster will be aggressive to a player, as a monster will not attack a player who is twice its combat level plus one. For example, a monster with a combat level of 30 will not attack players with a combat level of 61 or higher. They also determine whether a player can left-click an enemy in order to attack it - an enemy with a combat level higher than the player's will not have a left-hand click attack option.

There are two quests that require a minimum combat level - Dream Mentor and Smoking Kills. In addition, certain Slayer Masters, Pest Control and Conquest also require a minimum combat level.

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