Combat is a collection of skills in Runescape to help you fight or fend off monsters or other dangers you may come across whilst playing Runescape. Attacking monsters or other character will give you experience for either Attack, Defense, or Strength depending on which attack mode you choose. For all three, a percentage of the experience is added to your hitpoints. Raising your combat skills can benefit you in your adventures, whether its for a Quest or fighting some Boss monsters.


[edit] Basics of the Combat System

[edit] Combat level

One of the earliest things you will notice is your combat level. This level is determined by a combination of your Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged, Prayer and Summoning skill level. The maximum for these skills individually is 99, and the maximum combat level is now 200 with the EOC update.

If you encounter another player or monster in the game with a combat level 7 above yours it will appear in the colour red, if you wish to interact with them (e.g attack), you will need to right click and select your move from there. This applies to ANY combat level that is above yours, even if it is only 1 level above yours. This is most likely to prevent you accidentally attacking something that you will not best in combat. If another player's or monster's combat level is 7 below yours, it will appear in the colour green and you will only need to left click in order to attack. Again, this applies to all combat levels at or under your current level. A yellow combat level means that your combat levels are equal.

[edit] Attack Modes

There are 4 attack modes you can use whilst fighting in Runescape. These attack modes can help you distribute experience you gain from killing a monster across the 4 melee skills. The 4 attack modes are explained below. Keep in mind that your hitpoints skill will gain experience no matter which attack mode you use. For every 1 damage you deal to a monster you will receive 4 experience in the combat skill being used and 1.3 experience in your Hitpoints skill. If you choose to fight controlled, 1.3 experience is added to Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints. For example, if I hit a 20 on a monster while using the Accurate mode, I would receive 80 Attack experience and 26 Hitpoints experience.

  • Accurate: Gain experience in your Attack skill.
  • Agressive: Gain experience in your Strength Skill.
  • Defensive: Gain experience in your Defence skill.
  • Controlled: Evenly spread the experience you gain across your Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints skill.

[edit] Attack

Attack icon.gif

Your attack level determines how accurate you are with your attacks. Having a low attack level means you will be missing your attacks more often than if you had a higher attack level. As your attack levels gets higher, you are allowed to use weapons made of a stronger metal. Some weapons, however need a certain strength level too, to use.

[edit] Metals

Picture Name Level Required
Bronze Dagger Bronze Dagger 1
Iron Dagger Iron Dagger 1
Steel Dagger Steel Dagger 5
Black Dagger Black Dagger 10
White Dagger White Dagger* 10
Mithril Dagger Mithril Dagger 20
Bronze Dagger Adamant Dagger 30
Rune Dagger Rune Dagger 40
Dragon Dagger Dragon Dagger 60
Abyssal whip Abyssal whip 70
Armadyl Godsword Armadyl Godsword 75
Bandos Godsword Bandos Godsword 75
Saradomin Godsword Saradomin Godsword 75
Zamorak Godsword Zamorak Godsword 75
Staff of Ligt Staff of Light 75

Picture Name Level Required (Attack, Magic, and Ranged)
Swamp Lizard Swamp Lizard 30
Orange Salamander Orange Salamander 50
Red Salamander Red Salamander 60
Black Salamander Black Salamander 70

[edit] Defence

Defence icon.gif

Defence can play a big part for your character in Runescape. Although it is commonly thought to reduce how hard you are hit by other monsters/players, your defence skill does not affect how much damage you receive from a monster, it affects your chances of being hit in the first place (almost like evading attacks). The higher your defence level, the less likely you are to receive damage whilst in combat. Naturally, as you increase your Defence level, you are able to wear armors of better materials.

[edit] Armor Types

Picture Name Level Required
Bronze Medium Helmet Bronze 1
Iron Medium Helmet Iron 1
Steel Medium Helmet Steel 5
Black Medium Helmet Black 10
White Medium Helmet White* 10
Mithril Medium Helmet Mithril 20
Bronze Medium Helmet Adamant 30
Rune Medium Helmet Rune 40
Dragon Medium Helmet Dragon 60
Dharok's Helm Barrows 70

Note that other armors in Magic, Ranged, and other Melee armors require their own unique Defence levels to wear.

[edit] Hitpoints

Hitpoints icon.gif

Hitpoints are your life in Runescape. Once you get down to 0, you die and lose everything except your three most expensive items (although using the protect item prayer will raise the items kept on death to four). The value is determined by the low-alchemy/store price. If you have a wilderness skull (obtained by entering the Abyss) you will not keep any items on death. Using the protect item prayer will raise this to one item kept on death. The skull will disappear after around 20 minutes without entering the Abyss. Eating food will restore part of your health, the effectiveness varying on the food consumed.

There are 4 types of damages to your hitpoints.

Blue Splash This means that no damage has been done to your character

Red Splash The number in the splash is the amount of hitpoints deducted from your character.

Green Splash Green Splash is poison and will keep damaging you until the poison wears off. Unless the infected drinks an antipoison potion, the infected dies.

Yellow Splash It is a disease splash received by engaging combat with monsters that can inflict disease, examples being the Zogres in Zogre Flesh Eaters. It will deduct every skill except hitpoints. It can be cured by Relicym's Balm

[edit] Strength

Strength icon.gif

Strength influences how hard you hit when you attack. The higher your strength level, the more damage you do to your opponent. Certain weapons require a certain strength level to use. A few of these include Granite and Obsidian mauls. Although Strength will enable you to hit harder, you will be more inaccurate.

[edit] Halberds

These require a strength level alongside the normal attack level they would need. All halberds are members only weapons. They are useful because they can hit enemies 1 space further away and over small obstacles such as rocks or fences, meaning that you can train melee safely in some places. They also have quite high strength bonuses.

Picture Name Level Required
Bronze Halberd Bronze Halberd 1
Iron Halberd Iron Halberd 1
Steel Halberd Steel Halberd 1
Black Halberd Black Halberd 5
White Halberd White Halberd 5
Mithril Halberd Mithril Halberd 10
Adamant Halberd Adamant Halberd 15
Rune Halberd Rune Halberd 20
Dragon Halberd Dragon Halberd 30

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