Cockroach Soldier


[edit] Cockroach Soldier

The picture shows a Cockroach Soldier wandering around the Stronghold of Player Safety.

The cockroach soldier is available to non-members and is non-aggresive. The cockroach soldier has a combat level of 83 and has 960 lifepoints. The Cockroach Soldier has somewhat high defense. The cockroach soldier attacks with melee and range. The melee attacks of the Cockroach Soldier are fairly accurate. The range is not very accurate but has a higher maximum hit than it's melee attacks. The max hit of melee is 80. The max hit of range is 110.

The picture shows the Cockroach Soldier using it's melee attack.
The Cockroach Soldier and it's Ranged attack.

[edit] Location

Cockroach soldiers are located within the Stronghold of Player Safety which is North of the Barbarian Village.

[edit] Drops

They do not have a 100% dropped item but have fairly good drops overall. They are sought out for their high drops of 1-20 Death runes and Law runes. They are killed for their Rune Scimitar and Rune Square Shield drop. They are able to drop gems such as Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds, all of which are uncut. They can drop a fair number of fire runes. One of the most common dropped items are the Three noted mithril ores. They can also drop 1 noted Adamantite ore. They tend to drop 100+ Gold Pieces. Sometimes, they will drop nothing.

[edit] Training

The Cockroach Soldier is a good monster for high levels to train on. It has good drops and gives good exp. Remember to bring a certain type of good food. Some areas might be a bit more crowded than others. When training, beware of kill-stealers as the entire Stronghold of Player Safety is a multicombat zone.

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