Black Knight's Fortress

Black Knight's Fortress
Sir Amik Varze
Sir Amik Varze
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointTalk to Sir Amik Varze in White Knight's Castle in Falador
Skill RequirementsCombat high enough to survive level 33 knights
Quest Requirements12 quest points
Item RequirementsBronze Medium Helm, Iron Chainbody, A cabbage NOT from Draynor manor

[edit] Starting Out

After talking with Sir Amik Varze, exit Falador through the northern entrance and proceed to the Black Knight's Fortress, which is at the base of Ice Mountain. Make sure that you have all the required items for the quest and a falador teleport for fast quest completion.

[edit] Quest Steps

Wear the Bronze medium Helm and Iron Chainbody and enter by the side door. The castle is pretty complicated and it is extremely easy to get lost and can be fatal to lower levels. After entering by the side door, push the fake wall right in front of you. Go up 2 ladders and go down the other ladder south of the ladder you just came up from. Enter the room to your east and go up the ladder and then go down the ladder right beside the ladder you have just came up. Go to the balcony and climb down the ladder. Go pass the secret passageway and listen to the ventilation grill.

You will find out that the Black Knights are making an invincibility potion! Make sure that you have a cabbage NOT from Draynor Manor (If you were paying attention to the conversation, a cabbage from Draynor Manor completes the potion). Go to the first room (right after you came in from the side door). Go through the door to your east and go up the ladder. Proceed by the passageway and push your way through another fake wall. You will see a hole and use the cabbage with the hole. After watching the cutscene, go back to Sir Amik Varze for your reward.

[edit] Reward

  • 3 Quest points
  • 2500 Coins

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