Battle Hood 0

Battle Hood 0
Examine: It's arcane power is waning.
Examine: It's arcane power is waning.
Requirements60 Magic, 50 Defence.

[edit] How To Obtain

It can be purchased from the Grand Exchange in this form. It’s fully charged can be obtained from the Fists Of Guthix minigame, for the cost of 250 tokens, and it takes 80 tokens to recharge it once it degrades. When you wear the full set of Battle equipment, there is a chance that the robes will supply you with Mind, Chaos, Death and Blood runes that you can use. The Battle Hood only becomes tradable in it’s degraded form.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 0
Slash 0 0
Crush 0 0
Magic 0 0
Ranged 0 0
Summoning N/A 0
Strength 0
Prayer 0
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