[edit] Overview

The "Barrows" mini-game is a very dangerous mini-game. It is located to the east of Mort'ton.

Here's where the Barrows tombs are!

To successfully raid the Barrows Tombs, you'll need:

  • A spade
  • Prayer potions
  • Food
  • Good armor
  • A good weapon

[edit] Armor

There are many different ways to successfully barrow.It all depends on your armor really, but here is a set of a few people use. This is a common setup for people who bank after every trip.


  • Helmet/Hat - Barrows, Initiate, Proselyte, etc.
  • Torso - Barrows, Best Dragonhide for your level, Rune
  • Legs - Barrows, Best Dragonhide for your level, Rune
  • Boots - Not needed, but Dragon Boots
  • Gloves - Any RFD, Best Dragonhide for your level, etc.
  • Amulet - Glory (Preferably charged)
  • Weapon - Abyssal Whip, Slayer Staff, Magic shortbow, etc.
  • Shield - Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix book
  • Cape - Cape of Achievement, Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix, etc.

[edit] The Crypts

Once you go in, you'll find nothing.. except some hills. If you get on top of those hills, and dig with your spade, you'll go into a crypt. Check the Sarcophagus that's there, and get ready to FIGHT! I recommend doing it in this order:

Do it in this order!

Do it in order, starting with Dharok (ALWAYS START WITH HIM, BECAUSE YOU NEED PRAYER ALL THROUGHOUT THIS), then Karil, then Ahrim, Verac, Torag, and lastly Guthan.

Ahrim - Ahrim uses magic-based attacks and its recommended to range or melee him, and to pray.

Dharok - Dharok's weapon is the Great Axe, which can easily deal out 60's if you do not pray. Praying is mandatory.

Guthan - Guthan uses a spear, and melee-wise, like his brothers Dharok, Torag, and Verac. His special will heal him every random time. Praying is not needed, but should be advised for 90s-.

Karil - Karil uses a Repeater Crossbow and is the only Ranging class brother. Praying is not necessary. Melee or Range.

Torag - Torag is the weakest of the brothers and hits very low, but in turn with this, he has the highest defense out of all of them. Magic on him is advised.

Verac - Verac is the 6th and last brother, who uses melee. His weapon is a flail, and though you pray, his special can hit through you as though you were not praying nor wearing armor. This is mainly where you need to eat in Barrows.

You don't need to kill all the Barrow Brothers, but you will NOT get an item for a Barrow brother that you didnt' kill. For example, if you didn't kill Dharok, you can't get his Great Axe or his armor. You don't need to kill Karil to get bolt racks, however. Also, if you kill all the Barrows Brothers, you will have a 1 out of 18 chance of getting a Barrows Item!

[edit] The Tunnel

However.. you won't fight one of the Barrow Brothers in his crypt. Instead, when searching the Sarcophagus, you'll find a secret passageway. If you go in, you'll find yourself in a room, but you won't be able to see the minimap. This is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me. There are 9 rooms in total, and you're in one of them. These rooms are arranged in a 3X3 grid layout. The treasure room is in the center, but only one room connects to it. How is that possible? Some doors don't work, they don't have an open option. The one that DOES have an open option has a puzzle to solve. They are "what comes next?" puzzles. They're not really that hard, but there are monsters scattered ALL around the tunnel. They kind of hit hard, but you shouldn't worry about it. Once you've solved the puzzle, you can go into the treasure room. There's also another problem, you didn't get to kill all of the Barrows Brothers! Well, you will. You'll find the missing Brother in one of the rooms or passageways of the tunnel, and he'll fight you. Killing that brother is not needed, but it'll increase your chances. If you didn't fight him, you'll fight him once you get your treasure. In the treasure room, there's a big chest. If you open it, the Brother will attack you if you didn't see him. (If you ran away, he MIGHT not fight you) If he doesn't attack you, then you can search the chest in peace and get your items. You'll get like, 1-3k and get some runes most of the time, but you might get a Barrows Item instead of the coins or the runes. You don't have to kill the brother if he attacks you when you open the chest, though. You can just search the chest and get your items. Once you get your items, the entire tunnel will start shaking, and occasionally, you might get hit by rockslides that deal small amounts of damage (such as 4's). You need to teleport out of there, or if you foolishly didn't bring any, find your way back to the ladder that goes up to the crypt. Home Teleport probably won't work, because there are so many monsters, but the long passageways might have spots where there are no monsters which you can use to home teleport.

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