Barbarian Village

Barbarian village is a small village of, as the name implies, barbarians. It is located West of Varrock along the path, South of Edgeville, North of Draynor Village, and West of Falador. The village is made up of six buildings, each with it's own purpose. The southeast building is used for crafting, which contains a pottery oven, used to harden clay crafts. There is also an anvil inside, which, when used with a bar of some sort of metal, can make items using the smithing skill. The Northeast building contains a spinning wheel which can be used to spin flax and wool. The Northwest building is a helmet shop, where players can buy helmets ranging from bronze to adamant. The shop sells both medium and full helmets. The largest and northernmost building is the Hall, which contains beer, meat, barbarians, and Gunthor the Brave. The easternmost building is a watchtower and guard tower.

[edit] Stronghold of Security

In the center of the village is some rocks that contain copper, tin, iron and coal. In an update, Jagex added the Stronghold of Security, to raise awareness of password theft, how to keep your account secure, and to set recovery questions. By completing the Stronghold of Security, players are given a reward of either fighting boots or fancy boots. The stronghold of security can be entered by the hole nestled between the rocks in the center of the town.

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