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[edit] Introduction

The lands of RuneScape are varied and picturesque. Even the fetid swamps of Mort Myre and the blasted wastes of the Wilderness possess their special charms for those who care to look. Of course, the scenery isn't everything, and each land has its specialties: from the mines of Keldagrim to the plants and animals of Karamja. If you're a wee bit bored and fancy a few small challenges, you might like to check out your Achievement Diary to see what the people of those lands do to prove their proficiency in all things.
The Achievement Diary was set up by Jagex to encourage members to visit places which were neglected a bit, in favour of the more popular areas like Varrock and Ardougne. The Diary is still under developement, recently having its 6th Installment added, but as the world expands, Jagex should add more and more to it. It allows you to complete a wide variety of tasks, with the promise of rewards which get more useful as you complete sets of tasks, which range in difficulty; this means you can be just out off the tutorial, and do the easiest task, or be a seasoned player, but still find a challenge in completing some tasks.

[edit] How to Access the Achievement Diary

On your players interface, you will know there is a quest button, a white circle with a Blue Star. Clicking on this will take you to the Quest Page. Next to the Quest Points is the Green Diamond; the sign on the Minimap for an Achievement Diary start point. Clicking this will show the page for achievement diaries. You will see the list of Diaries listed by Area, and beneath each one, the different diffulty levesl are listed.

Like a quest, the colour of text will give you at a glance indication of the status of the particular area of the diary - Red shows you have not started the Area/Diffculty, Yellow is unfinished, but started, and Green.

To see what sort of tasks, and brief guide of how or what to do for each (written in Blue), click on the Area. Once you have decided on an area, you will want to head to one of the guides in that Area. Look for the Green Diamond on the Minimap for a point to head to. For specific details on where these people are, you should look at the lst of Diaries you can complete.

[edit] Achievement Diaries (A-Z)

This is list of Areas that have an Achievement diary. The Diary list has grown a bit, and now has 6 Diaries. JaGex will hopefully release more at a later date.

More are to be added when Jagex complete them

[edit] Rewards

Why go through all of the trouble to complete these tasks if you are not going to be rewarded? You've worked under the baking sun in Karamja, toiled in the mines of Varrock, and walked all over Lumbridge, but to get what? You're not a charity worker, when you've tried so hard, you want something to help you along the way. Therefore, the reward system was put in place, so that you can get help with a skill, from access to new places in an area you've visited since you were Level 3, turning into a cabbage, giving you a helpful boost to a skill, or even giving you some Magic Gloves. You will find the items useful in many ways, but first of all, you have to complete the tasks. Each Diary, as you already know, is split into 3 different levels. If you have fully completed Level 1 tasks, you may claim the Level 1 reward. If you have completed the Level 2 tasks fully, your item will be further powered up. But for those masters who complete the Level 3 tasks; You will be rewarded with the top level items. Check each of the Diary Pages.

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