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*[[Herblore]] - [[Kaqemeex]] - Located at the Guthix Altar, north of Taverly. [[Image:herblore_skillcape_untrimmed.gif|Untrimmed Herblore Cape|center]]
*[[Herblore]] - [[Kaqemeex]] - Located at the Guthix Altar, north of [[Taverley]]. [[Image:herblore_skillcape_untrimmed.gif|Untrimmed Herblore Cape|center]]
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*[[Summoning]] - [[Pikkupstix]] - Located in his house in [[Taverly]], just past the members gate. [[Image:summoning_skillcape_untrimmed.gif|Untrimmed Summoning Cape|center]]
*[[Summoning]] - [[Pikkupstix]] - Located in his house in [[Taverley]], just past the members gate. [[Image:summoning_skillcape_untrimmed.gif|Untrimmed Summoning Cape|center]]
==Cape of Achievement Stats==
==Cape of Achievement Stats==

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Capes of Achievement are capes that you can buy for 99k from a designated NPC when you reach 99 in any Skills or if you have obtained every Quest point.

Capes of Achievement are also commonly known as "Skill capes" by RuneScape's population.


[edit] Pros

Each cape includes a hood and cape, with a special color and design on the back of the cape. They also have a special emote, that only people with that cape and wearing it can do. Your skill cape becomes trimmed once you achieved two or more 99 skills. A trimmed skill cape will also offer a Prayer Bonus of 4. Each cape of achievement offers a defence bonus of +9 to every category.

Wearing a cape also lets other players know that you have mastered that skill without having to go into explanation day after day which level you are.

[edit] Downsides

There are some downsides to being one of the few (or a lot of) people who have that cape. Often, people who don't have that cape will demand (or sometimes ask nicely) to see that cape's emote. Because of this downside, many people hang up their Cape of Achievement just to stop the emote beggars.

It is also a tragedy to see other players wearing your cape of achievement you have worked so hard for =\

[edit] Good or Bad?

Many Runescape players do not agree with the concept of Capes of Achievement, as with the introduction of them there was much more incentive to train a skill to 99, meaning that a massive portion of Runescape's players immediately trained multiple skills to 99 simply to wear the cape. It also "takes away respect" from the skill - nearly 145,000 people have 99 cooking compared to a few thousand when skill capes came out.

But "anything" can happen to take away respect from a skill in a videogame, and besides, it does not matter how fast people keep reaching 99s in the game- in a game based solely on endurance and not on skill, it is inevitable that many people are going to max out and destroy the value of it all.

In current times in Runescape, the highscores has much become the laughingstock of this buildup of people achieving 99s over time. Since Runescape is all about the highscores.. the destruction of the highscores is likewise the destruction of Runescape. Unless Jagex does something to fix this, Runescape is meeting its end.

[edit] Skill Masters

  • Defence - The Melee Guide - Found just north of Lumbridge Castle, amidst the other guides.
    Untrimmed Defence Cape

  • Thieving - Martin Thwait - Located in the Rogue's Den.
    Untrimmed Thieving Cape

  • Construction - Estate Agent - Found around Runescape in various estate offices, including Falador.
    Untrimmed Construction Cape

  • Woodcutting - Woodsman Tutor - Near the willows north of Lumbridge Castle.
    Untrimmed Woodcutting Skillcape

  • Hunter - Hunter Expert - Found in a hut, south of Feldip Hills, marked with a paw icon on the minimap.
    Untrimmed Hunter Cape

[edit] Cape of Achievement Stats

This is how many people per skill have achieved Master status.
Strength 170,000
Cooking 145,000
Fletching 115,000
Attack 120,000
Hitpoints 110,000
Defence 90,000
Ranged 75,000
Woodcutting 115,000
Magic 80,000
Firemaking 55,000
Fishing 45,000
Prayer 20,000
Thieving 15,000
Hunter 24,000
Crafting Nearing 15,000
Slayer Nearing 15,000
Smithing 10,000
Farming 10,000
Agility 10,000
Mining 10,000
Herblore 10,000
Runecrafting 5,000 (little over 5k)
Construction More than 5,000
Summoning 10,000
Dungeoneering Under 5,000

These numbers were updated on 20th December, 2010 by Sage Mantis (Runescape username and Neoseeker username).

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